Fight your traffic ticket without going to Court!
FAQs About The Trial By Written Declaration

Do I need an attorney for a Trial by Written Declaration?

First, you do not need an attorney to fight your ticket using a Trial by Written Declaration. You can do it yourself. You can do it at home while you are in your pajamas! Just remember, the most critical part of preparing a Trial by Written Declaration is what you put into your Declaration, your defense as to why you should not be found guilty of committing the traffic violation or the reason as to why your traffic ticket must be dismissed.

What is the process of Trial by Written Declaration?

You complete the documents and submit them to the Court by mail.  No lost time from school, work or family.  If you win, your bail is returned to you in full and you have just saved yourself a point on your driving record as well as increased insurance premiums.

What happens if I lose the Trial by Declaration?

You may file for a Trial de Novo and still have your day in Court and require that the officer come into Court to testify.

If I lose the Court trial, can I attend traffic school?

You are eligible to attend traffic school every 18 months and, as long as you are not a commercial driver driving a commercial vehicle when the citation was received. Also, speeding tickets for going more than 25 miles per hour over the speed limit are ineligible for traffic school.